Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  How does the Pub Crawl work?

 A:  When you sign in you will receive everything you'll need (T-shirt, Koozie, Schedule, Etc).  The T-shirt is your ticket which gets you in bars for free and access to drink specials.  Your schedule tells you where to go and what time to go there.

Q:  When do I sign in?

 A:  At Brothers on Friday, March 15tih from 5pm-8pm  OR  Saturday, March 16th from 12pm-3pm.


 Q:  Can a friend sign me in?

 A:  YES.  A friend may sign you in if they have your full name and shirt size.

Q:  What is included in my ticket price?

 A:  T-shirt, Koozie, Cover Charges ($5) per Bar, Free Gifts & Swag, and Drink Specials.


Q:  What are the drink specials?

 A:  Every bar will feature different drink specials which are exclusive to Crawlers.


Q.  Do you offer refunds?

 A.  NO.  We do not issue refunds.  You may transfer your ticket to friend if you are unable to attend the event. Please email us with your info.


 Q.  Do I have to wear the t-shirt?

 A.  YES.  The t-shirt is your ticket.  It gets you into the bars for free and it gets you access to all drink specials. If you need a size larger than 3XL please contact us before March 1st.


 Q.  What happens if the weather is bad?

 A.  We crawl in any weather.  Barring a natural disaster the event will go on as scheduled.


Q.  How many bars do I get to attend?

 A.  7-10 bars.


 Q: Do I have to follow my schedule?

 A:  YES/NO.  The schedules help avoid overcrowding in bars, but you are always free to join friends on a different schedule. We are featuring a new “Flex” scheduling system this year, so you have the option to modify/create your own schedule.


 Q:  Do I need to have a team to sign up for the crawl?

  A:  NO.  Individuals are welcome.


 Q:  How do I purchase a ticket?

 A:  YES.  The best way to purchase a ticket is online for $25.  Buying online guarantees you will get the correct shirt size.  We also accept cash/credit card payments the day of the event for $30 (while supplies last).


 Q:  Are you associated with, Crawl4Cancer,

 A:  NO.  We have no association with any other companies.


 Q:  Do you offer Groupon/Living Social deals?

 A:  NO.  The only place to purchase tickets to this event is through our website and our Eventbrite ticket page.


Q:  Is Social City Events a charity or non-profit organization? 

 A:  NO.  Social City Events is a for-profit business.


Q.  Do I have to drink alcohol?

 A.  NO.  This event is a social gathering for people who like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and have a great time.


Q: How do we get from bar to bar?

 A:  All participating bars are located within walking distance of each other.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE.


​​Q: You didn't answer my question... where can I get an answer?

 ​A: Email: